This section of The Celtic Planet is designed specifically for promoting all types of businesses – from artists and craftsworkers wishing to advertise their fine Celtic work to a worldwide audience – new Celtic music - holiday accommodation in the Celtic Countries – workshops and exhibitions - Celtic festivals - new books, bookshops - craft centres, centres of Celtic culture and more.

Perhaps you have beautiful art, craftwork or jewellery that you make and sell, or have holiday accommodation in a Celtic country that you’d like people to know about - or a particular shop, Celtic centre, or Celtic festival anywhere worldwide that you want to promote. Likewise, if you are a Celtic band/group/solo artist and have a new music CD, cassette or DVD that you would like people to discover, advertise it here on The Celtic Planet for everyone to see! Our rates are very reasonable, and you can pay by PayPal in UK £, US $, Euros, etc., or any currency PayPal accepts direct from the site. Please use the Paypal logos below.

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We’ll be happy to put up your details on the appropriate page, plus pictures and business logos, links, etc., for Celtic enthusiasts worldwide to see. We accept PayPal and personal checks (email us for addresses).

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  • Banner (approximately the size of above example) with up to 20 words caption under banner - £16:00 or $25/year

  • Link without banner on Links page - £9:50 or $15/year, maximum 35 words. Non-profit organisations listed free.

  • "Featured business" - Up to 250 words and 3 graphics, to run from a link on the main page - £32:00 or $50 for 2 weeks, £6:50 or $10/week for another week

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