Early morning - Rannoch Moor, Scotland

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Butser Ancient Farm

Iron age (c.300BC) farmstead reconstruction at Butser, Hampshire. Excellent site with information on Iron age settlements and their construction

Waddon Heritage Home Page

These pages contain further information, pictures of coins, artefacts, pottery, and history of the Iron age site at Waddon in Dorset which was excavated by UK Channel 4 TV's TIME TEAM programme in 1999.

The Celtic Coin Index

One of the best academic reference sites for Celtic coinage worldwide. Based in Oxford. Many illustrations, and invaluable information on tribes etc. New discoveries regularly added.

The Kernunnos Group of Web Pages

Another excellent site devoted to Celtic coinage and its origins. High-resolution pics and comprehensive details, maps showing Iron age tribes, etc.


Caerleon Arts Festival, 2005

Not-for-profit group promoting the visual arts in the historic Welsh town of Caerleon, where the third annual arts festival will be held from July 6 to 17, 2005. A major feature is once again an international sculpture symposium, in which 10 sculptors from eight countries will create new works from wood inspired by Caerleon's Celtic and Roman heritage. Website at www.caerleon-arts.org includes an online gallery.


Cwlwm beads are carefully cast in sterling silver amd encrusted with the eternal magic of original Celtic knotwork. In jewellery, they are carefully combined with genuine gembeads on bracelets, earrings and necklaces which are beautifully boxed and labelled.

Crafts Midwales

Hand-woven baskets from willow and hedgerow materials using traditional basketmaking techniques, also garden products and fleece rugs.


Cornish Folklore Society

Celebrating and promoting Cornish folklore, myth and legend to a 21st century world audience.


About AncientIreland.com

Site dedicated to the history and culture of Ireland, its roots and origins from the Iron age onwards. Much valuable information. Well recommended.


Resource site for the Megalithic Passage Tombs and Art of Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth, Fourknocks, Loughcrew and Tara located on the east coast of Ireland.


Celtic Wanderings

Amazing Celtic Photography from the Ireland and Britain, Photographs of Ireland, Scotland and England. Take a journey with the Celtic Wanderer as he evokes a romantic vision of a time gone by and a slower pace of life of the Irish, Scottish and English countrysides.

A Tribute to Alexander Ritchie

A tribute to the life and work of Alexander and Euphemia Ritchie and their silver jewellery, made on the island of Iona, c.1900 to 1941.

West Coast Carvings

Online version of David James' book, "The carved stones of Western Scotland".

Isle of Iona

The site for devotees of the Isle of Iona. Wonderful pictures of the Island and much interesting information and links. Highly recommended.


Pepperpot is made up of Brian Lyons and Darin Bell - with a repertoire ranging from traditional Scottish and Irish music, through to current chart hits.

Scottish History Online

Excellent Scottish site dedicated to Pictish carvings, history and information. Growing rapidly and well recommended, lovely photos of carvings and very informative.

The Book of Deer

Excellent site dedicated to the history and research of the ancient Gaelic illuminated manuscript The Book of Deer.

Flavour of Scotland

Landscape photos of Scotland

Andrews Carvings

Original hand crafted wooden sculpture.


Centre for Manx Studies

Dedicated to language, culture, history and events past and present connected with the Isle of Man.

Billown Neolithic Landscape Project

Excavation of Neolithic settlement and landscape at Billown, Isle of Man, and its progress. Much useful information.



Discover our Celtic Christian Heritage through pilgrimage in the British Isles.


Dreamknot captures the simplistic beauty in ancient Celtic design through their exquisite jewellery and crafts.

Celtic Art by Michael Tingle

George Stevens

Maker of fine handcrafted musical instruments since 1989. Clarsachs made in the traditional way,from native hardwoods, and with the soundbox hewn from a solid block.

Living The Gospel

LTG organises pilgrimage holidays that journey to the heart of Celtic Christianity in the British Isles through worship, lectures and excursions.

Community of Aidan and Hilda

Celtic Christianity in East Anglia, England. Members and Friends of the Community share news and events, and items of interest in and around the region.


The site of Alexander Leithes, author of a novel based on Irish myths and legends centred on the character of Mananan MacLir. Articles, stories and useful links to other mythological resources.

Karen Clynes Jewellery Design

Unique Celtic style and contemporary Jewellery that has been designed and hand-crafted by Karen Clynes.



Exhibition of European artefacts mainly from the Iron age, with history of Celtic tribes of this region. Fine high-resolution pictures and English text-option

The Art of Keltia

Beautiful Celtic artwork by Vitor Gonzalez of Asturia (the Celtic region of Spain). Original designs by a dedicated and enthusiastic artist. Recommended.


Celtic Horizons

Celtic Horizons is a non-denominational Christian organization dedicated to exploring Celtic Christian Spirituality and the many gifts it offers the church and the world today.

Queen Medb Encampment

Longstanding and dedicated Celtic re-enactment organisation based in California, with newsletter 'An Tarbh', and information/events about the Celtic scene in America. Delightful and friendly folk!

Celtic Attic

Various ancient spiritual traditions represented on this many-faceted site, including a new all-Celtic section with worldwide contacts.

The King Who Cast No Shadow

Long poem by historian Burr C. Brundage about King Arthur.


Russian Megalithic Site

Comprehensive site on Russian megaliths, dolmens and prehistoric sites. Maps and photographs, English text option. Well recommended, fascinating and informative site.


Celtic Art Discussion List

Regularly updated list of web sites of Celtic artists worldwide, combined with an on-line Celtic art discussion group.

The Seafaring Saints

Site dedicated to the seafaring Celtic Saints Brendan, Aidan, Columba, Columbanus, Patrick and others. Much useful information and a handy site map.


Castlebooks offers articles and interviews on Mythology of Joseph Campbell and the Hero. Links to various sites of Celtic art and related interes.