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Anthropomorphic stonecarving
located on Boa Island,
Lough Erne, Co Fermanagh,
N. Ireland
3rd/4th century AD

Painting by David James


The Meeting Place for all Enthusiasts of the Celtic World

Whether you're just interested in connecting with like-minded friends worldwide, or you're a practitioner or admirer of Celtic art, crafts, jewellery, music, books, folklore or any other aspect of the creative arts - THE CELTIC PLANET is the place to be!

Here you will find worldwide listings of Celtic artists and craftworkers and their products - writers and musicians with their latest books and recordings - Celtic festivals and events around the planet - information on ancient sites in the Celtic countries - new DVDs - chat rooms where you can make contact with fellow Celts worldwide - holiday accomodation and retreats in Celtic countries - and much more!

Choose your specific interest from the menus provided, and COME ON IN!

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